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5 Online Class pass

5 Online Class pass

Give some one you know the gift of yoga!


You can purchase this online pass, and pass it on to a friend or loved one as a gift.


How it works: Once you purchase the class pass, You will recieve an autmated e-mail asking you for the details of the person your bying the pass for.

I will then set up the account and inform the reciever. They can then set up thier own account and pay with the class pass when they book classes.


If you do not recieve this e-mail, please check your spam folder.


This class pass is valid for 5 classes.


    Classes must be allocated to one specific person with an account to be valid.

    Once you have sent me the required details I will set up the account.


    There are no refunds possible on this product. If you have an account with me and the person you are buying classes for does not want to use them. I can add the classes to your account in stead.

    All class passes are valid for 3 months. But can be extended if it is requested before the end of three months from the date of purchase.

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