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Thomas clearly has a deep understand of yoga and a wealth of experience which I find both reassuring and stimulating. Whether you are new to yoga or more experienced, I think you can join one of Thomas’ classes knowing that you are in the safe hands of a very knowledgeable teacher.

Carole Crane

Thomas' online Vinyasa class was brilliant - delivered expertly, accessible & easy to follow. I've done yoga for almost 20 years and thoroughly enjoyed his professional and refreshing approach. He brought calm, positive energy and kindness to our kitchen. Thoroughly recommended to people of all levels.

Jame Richards

 started yoga 2 years ago, and was lucky enough to find this amazing teacher, who brings so much to the practice. Thomas emphasises that the practice is our own journey; we are encouraged to learn about ourselves through the postures, the breath, the flow, always listening to our bodies and aiming for what is right for us on the day. After every session, you feel like you have gained so much through his insightful teaching.  And in case this all sounds way too serious, above all, we have fun! My favourite Thomas saying..."It's okay to wobble...". Simply brilliant!

Katiana Skiadopoulos

With a voice like sand and glue it's easy to surrender to the beat of Thomas's enthusiasm and dedication to all in the class.

Dominic Richards

Thomas’ classes are accessible & fun. Delivered with a mixture of gentle humour & seriousness, inspiring me to persevere & explore further.

Jane Powel

Thomas has a great knowledge and understanding of yoga and the human body. Having trained with Thomas I now have a greater body awareness and injury prevention helping me to train longer and smarter in other disciplines.

Craig Edgeley

Thomas is an amazing teacher with well-paced classes. He has taught on my retreats where has been hugely popular and well-loved. Highly recommended for those who want to go deeper and improve in every aspect of daily practice. Thomas is the best and kindest teacher! I have been practising yoga since the 1980s and I like his style more than anyone I’ve known. He’ll help you improve your practice so much in such little time and you will also learn what yoga truly is, which goes far beyond making beautiful poses. Thomas also has a wonderfully deep and sonorous voice and his Om chanting at the end of the practice is legendary! Don't hesitate!

Dr. Laura Monk

Thomas’s insightful teaching and gorgeous voice is always inspiring.

Vanessa Mildenburg

Thomas is not only a highly knowledgeable, inspirational, brilliant yoga instructor with a gentle but clear and supportive teaching style. He is also someone who genuinely cares about his students. Thanks to his kind guidance I was able to continue practicing yoga through injuries and setbacks, and I learned to challenge myself only as much as I need to and forgive my body for its limitations.
I feel that I learn something new in every class, even if it is a posture I have done dozens of times.
I wholeheartedly recommend Thomas - there are lots of good yoga instructors but not many who can teach how to practice yoga mindfully, safely and with respect to your body.

Christiana Kastani

I have just had my first beginners class with Thomas and it was amazing.
I have not done yoga for years and knew I needed to re-connect during this lockdown. I am so glad I did.
I had forgotten how focusing on breathing helps to get in touch with our body and mind. Thank you Thomas. I look forward to our next class.

Deborah Aitken

I have joined Thomas' on-line class off grounding Vinyasa for several weeks now, and I am feeling stronger every week. Thomas is a very warm, kind and observant teacher and I recommend you to join one or more of his classes. Even though the class is on-line I feel very connected with the rest of the team.

Henriette Winther

I have just taken my first beginners yoga class with Thomas and really enjoyed it. Even though it was a first class, it achieved an excellent balance between theory and practice. In a short period of time I felt that I had been taken through a thorough yoga routine. Thomas' calm demeanour and soothing voice combined to make this a perfect yoga experience. I will definitely be back next week.

Kate McCrimmon

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