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Welcome to Great Dane Yoga

You may have been doing yoga for years or are completely new to this ancient practice.

I have over 25 years of experience with yoga and would love to help you develop a practice that is personal and perfect for you.

Together we create a safe and inclusive online space where we each can explore our potential. Practice at our own pace, and develop a practice that suites our personal needs.


Scroll down to see information of available classes. Chose the one you want to try, book it and use the discount code FIRST to get your first class for free!

If you like your first class and want to continue, I will do my best to keep classes affordable. You can get further discounts by buying class passes.

A lot of us are experiencing financial hardship at these times. So if you need further discounts or free classes, feel free to get in touch and we can set up a plan to suite your needs.

I believe strongly that yoga should be available to everyone.

Scroll down to see available classes 👇
Before taking your first class with me it is important you fill out the heath questionnaire:

Classes availble

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